Decoupage Ideas

Decoupage is actually a French word meaning cut. Some people are of the view that decoupage is an art which is produced by decorating any surface using cut outs. The surface can later be coated with different layers of lacquer or varnish. Actually, decoupage is the art of decorating household items generally peppier-mache boxes and wooden furniture by using cut out pictures from papers. This art originated during the 18th century for stimulating the intricately and beautifully painted lacquer items imported from Asia. All this can be explained in just to words and they are cut and paste. Anybody having the ability of cutting and pasting can actually decoupage.

Decoupage Supplies

Some of the most important supplies required for decoupage include:

•    Dust-free and clean object or surface to decorate.

•    Craft knife or scissors

•    Decorative images

•    Foam brush

•    White glue or collage glue

•    Brayer

•    Varnish

•    Sandpaper featuring fine grit

•    Tweezers

Decoupage Ideas

Some Wonderful Decoupage Ideas

With decoupage items like napkin boxes, candles and picture frames one can give a completely new look to his or her house. A simple and plain dish can easily be transformed into a very sophisticated plate with the decoupage design or theme that you prefer. This is an art form that gives the users the flexibility of getting very creative while decorating objects present within a home. Some of the most wonderful and beautiful Decoupage Ideas that you can use in rendering a completely new appearance to your home décor are as follows:

Decoupage Furniture

Try transforming your dull and old furniture into something very beautiful which would serve as a very stylish addition to your house. You can choose a worn out chest of drawers or a very dull coffee table. Use your decoupage skills in uplifting the look of this furniture so that it can be used once again. Make use of color papers featuring golden edges for achieving that oriental effect in the designs. You can also go for neural colored papers as these help in giving the furniture a modern but classy look.

Creating Affordable Gifts

Personalised and affordable gifts can also be created by using decoupage ideas. You can decorate an old coffee mug with snow flake and reindeer and use this as a special Christmas gift. You can even choose a beautiful flower theme with the paper designs of roses and tulips for filling an album cover that can be given away as a gift on Mother’s Day.

The Use of Decoupage

The term “decoupage” sounds quite grand. This is a method that can be used for decorating almost anything in the house. Designs are generally formed out of printed paper. Printed papers need to be cut and then glued on objects. This can also be done by using special effects that can be made by paint such as gold leaf. This is a very useful method of covering items like boxes and furniture. Magazine cuttings can also be used in this form of art. This art form can also be used for making cards, scrapbooking and other forms of paper craft. Nowadays, there are special papers available for this work along with beautiful designs like flowers, fruits and butterflies. Cut out paper pieces are glued and then sanded or varnished so that they look polished and attractive. Decoupage Ideas can be used on mirrors, plates, albums, boxes and frames.

Decoupage as a Get-Together Activity

Decoupage can also serve as a wonderful get-together activity along with other friends. Decorations can be traded and hours can be spent together while working out assignments and hanging out with friends. At the same time it should also be kept in mind that decoupage is a very messy activity and therefore it is very important to use a damp cloth. This damp cloth can be used for cleaning up all messes and even for keeping the fingers clean. You can get hold of decoupage materials at the online stores and you can even visit the local hobby stores. There are different colors and designs available to make that perfect choice.